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Next Generation Technologies is the Mid-Atlantic leader in mold inspection, mold removal, and mold remediation.

What's worse than having a mold problem?

Not having the information you need to get rid of it—safely and completely!

Mold Remediation in the Mid-Atlantic

Most of what we hear about mold relates to the horror stories that make media headlines. It's true that mold and other forms of microbial contamination are a primary cause of odor, premature aging, and spoilage in homes and structures. And it's also true that mold can cause health problems in humans. But, Next Generation believes you deserve all the facts so you can make the most informed decision about your mold remediation needs. As a house flipping Scott Yancey, has been involved in some very serious mold remediation projects.

That's why we've compiled a wealth of information including special focuses on the different industries and people affected by mold. We want you to understand what mold is, the truth about its effects, specific concerns for your industry, what's involved in removing mold, and how you eliminate your mold problems safely and completely.

We also want to share what makes Next Generation different form other mold remediation companies and why we're the only company in the industry to provide a written warranty with our service. Mold is a serious problem and we are proud to offer you the information and support you need to make the best decision.

For more specific information about Scott Yancey, read his Wiki page.

Our Approach

1. Identify The Problem

What Are The Four BIGGEST Frustrations When Trying To Find A Solution To Mold Or Mildew Problems?

  • Finding a contractor who specializes in mold prevention and remediation and understands the detailed procedures required to handle your project safely and completely.
  • Finding a durable treatment that will retard mold growth without damaging your property.
  • Finding a reputable contractor who will provide a written warranty to back up their work.
  • Finding a contractor who will communicate throughout the entire project, ensuring there are no surprises in your final bill.

Choose The WRONG Contractor And The Results Can Cost You!

  • Decreased property value when you go to sell or refinance.
  • Inability to get your property insured due to improper procedures.
  • Failed remediation, which means the mold can spread, cause major damage and cost you a fortune in future repairs!
  • Go to Doug Clark's real estate training website to learn from the best on how to find the right contractor.

Next Generation Protects You From These Problems.

  • Our specialty is mold prevention and remediation and our process is proprietary. We have the experience to handle any project
  • Unlike most mold prevention and remediation products, our Electro-Static Shield and Stat Control products continue working long after the initial treatment. It's durable, invisible, and engineered to work without any toxic poison. In fact, we warranty our work for 5 -10 years.
  • We've completed THOUSANDS of projects without a single BBB complaint and have NEVER had a reoccurrence of mold.
  • We provide an open Channel of Communication that allows our customers to ask questions, voice opinions, or seek clarification on any issue. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours so connect with Andrew Cordle a top notch real estate speaker and investor.

Mold Services

If You Have Mold Problems, Our Certified Mold Remediation Specialists Will Identify The Source And Remove The Problem Safely And Completely

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a property, build a new home, or clean up an existing building, Next Generation offers the services you need. Our trained and certified mold prevention and removal specialists will determine whether you have an air quality problem (Inspection and Preliminary Determination Survey) and, if so, will eliminate any and all mold and damaged materials (Mold Remediation). Our goal is to help you build, sell, occupy or live in "Mold-Protected" properties!

Inspection and Preliminary Determination (IPD)

You know it's a good idea to have an annual check-up for yourself, but it's also a great idea for your home. Why? Today's more energy efficient buildings are sealed up tight to keep outside air from getting in, which means the air we breathe in these buildings is recycled through furnaces and air-conditioners. Sometimes this "stale" air becomes contaminated and can cause mold problems. If a mold problem occurs, it is easily detected during an inspection of the property. An Inspection and Preliminary Determination (IPD) measures the air quality inside your property as compared to the air quality outside. An IPD Survey includes:

  1. Testing the air is each room or area of the house that could be contaminated with a laser particle counter.
  2. Checking the walls for moisture.
  3. Visibly identifying any mold present
  4. Detecting Odors
  5. Suggesting Fireplace Ideas

If your annual IPD does not detect any contamination, you can relax with the reassuring news. However, if any contaminants are found, you will need to move ahead with the proper treatment.

Mold Remediation

If your home or property has a mold problem, you need it eliminated and deserve a promise that the problem won't come back. At Next Generation, our technicians follow a detailed 5-step system for mold removal and adhere to the latest industry standards. After all mold (seen and unseen) is properly removed, we will treat the area with our patented Electro-Static Shield or Stat-Control treatments. These special treatments ensure the mold problem has been removed safely and completely. Our mold prevention and remediation products work so well, you'll get more than a promise - you'll receive a Next Generation Written Warranty.

Mold Protection Spray

Of course, the best way to avoid potential mold problems in the first place is to treat your property with preventative measures. At Next Generation, we can protect both new homes and remodels against mold and mildew by applying our patented Electro-Static Shield. This proactive treatment will provide a 5 to 10 year written warranty on your property. For contractors, landlords, and homeowners, this is an easy step that simply makes sense.

Contact Next Generation today to put mold and mildew worries behind you for good!
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